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meet our orphans

"I wanted to highlight remarkable stories of people who have gone to extraordinary lengths to save the life of a vulnerable orphaned elephant...It is my wish that these stories ignite the spark that inspires others to do likewise and that there will always be a future for wild animals, including elephants."

- Angela Sheldrick


Amboseli National park


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Ambo was four months old when he was found stuck in a small muddy ditch by local community member Tapeet Ole Munke, near his home in the Risa area. It was very muddy and the little elephant had worn himself out struggling to get out of the mud. Discover how Tapeet and the Big Life Rangers rescued Ambo in The Unsung Heroes.


“We have lived with elephants alongside us all our lives, they belong here, they are part of our landscape and without them it would feel wrong – they are magnificent creatures and I want to protect them so our children will enjoy them. I am so happy to have helped."

Tapeet Ole Munke – Community Scout Risa Village






Brian Heath of the Mara Conservancy spotted Enkesha with her mother and brother browsing along a watercourse. The baby elephant had a snare around her trunk and was in a desperate state. Her trunk was seriously damaged, and it was clear she would not survive in the wild. Read Enkesha's story of survival in The Unsung Heroes.


“I could see the baby elephant was in a lot of pain and distress. She kept pulling at the snare with her forelegs and rubbing her trunk into the ground and she was making a snoring sound through her mutilated nostrils.”

Dr. Campaign Limo - KWS Veterinary Officer of the SWT Mara Mobile Veterinary Unit







It was a driver guide from one of the tourist lodges who first informed Mara Conservancy rangers of a baby elephant wandering alone on the Mara plains. The baby was Boromoko, and he was growing weak from starvation. Read more about Boromoko's rescue and new life in The Unsung Heroes.


I usually work with the tracker dogs and my greatest satisfaction is catching poachers, but the day we saved Boromoko the baby elephant was a special day, I was so happy because he was alive and still had a chance..."

William Moguche – Senior Dog Handler Mara Conservancy